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Back in the home of Merril Jessop Barbara Steed Jessop
Back in the home of Merril Jessop: Barbara Steed Jessop (Merril's third wife and favourite) talks to her 26-year-old daughter Mildred Annie "Millie" Jessop ...
Children of Merril Jessop and Barbara Steed Jessop. On the back row: Merril Leroy
Merril Jessop with Carolyn Blackmore Jessop
FLDS: Warren Jeffs and one of his favourite "wives", Mildred Annie "Millie" Jessop (daughter of - who?! - Merril Jessop and Barbara Steed) who was "married" ...
Carolyn Jessop with Merril Jessop and 3 of their children thats baby Betty in the corner
Loretta Jane Barlow(granddaughter of Merril Jessop and his second "wife" Ruth Steed
Merril jessop 1953 short creek raid carolyn jessop s husband
Barbara Steed Jessop
Warren Jeffs and his 14th “wife”, Merril Jessop's daughter, Mildred Annie “
A familial scene in the home of - who else! - Merril Jessop. Left to right: fifth-wife Tammy Steed Jessop (Merril didn't like her; she has hardly has sex in ...
FLDS: Wives of Raymond Merril Jessop (son of - you guessed it - Merril
Merril Jessop and Carolyn Jessop on their honeymoon. And just look how happy she is! As happy as any eighteen-year-old girl would be when forcibly married ...
Pro-FLDS propaganda featuring - who else - Barbara Steed Jessop, Merril Jessop,
Warren Jeffs pictured with his 61st victim Ida Vilate Jessop. Ida Vilate (daughter of Merril Jessop & Ruth Steed) was "married" ...
warren and daughters named
FLDS: Warren's "marriage" to seven stepmothers on the 15th October 2002, full-length: (back row) Michelle Barlow Jeffs, Warren Jeffs, Velvet Jessop Jeffs; ...
... all dressed disturbingly alike and looking strangely like Polygamy Barbie. Left to right: Millie Jessop, Monica Jessop, Jennifer Steed, Sharon Barlow, ...
Merril Jessop's daughter (by Faunita) Maggie Jessop, originally married to Leroy Jeffs (
FLDS: Warren Jeffs' "wedding" picture with his fourth wife, Brenda Jessop (daughter of - of course - Merril Jessop, and his first wife Faunita Cooke)
Photo of Warren Jeffs in "gentile" clothing; the T-shirt is said to have come from a pornography shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, date and location not specified ...
Brenda Lei Fischer (granddaughter of Merril Jessop and his first wife) with a male child. No idea if the child is hers.
Half-sisters Merrianne Steed Jessop and Betty Blackmore Jessop after she returned to the FLDS.
Warren Jeffs' 12-year-old "wife", Loretta Jane Barlow (granddaughter of - who else? - Merril Jessop, via his daughter with Ruth, Rebecca) with her child by ...
Warren snuggling up to childbride 13 year old Loretta Jane Barlow(granddaughter of Merril Jessop and his second "wife" Ruth Steed.) Headboard s…
Ruby Jessop: The incredible story of child bride who escaped Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect | Daily Mail Online
politicsrusprinciple: “ Merril Jessop and family. Carolyn Jessop is the unblurred woman, mint
Rulon and Warren Jeffs prove the expression "Like father, like son" is true
Warren Jeffs with 2 "wives" ,sisters Janetta (in pink) & Velvet (in blue) Jessop.Credit:Prophet's Prey
Carolyn Blackmore Jessop with Merril Jessop
Merril Jessop's son, Leroy Jessop (currently serving 75 years for sexual assault of a
FLDS cult leader, Warren Jeffs, with first two "wives" (full sisters), Annette Barlow Jeffs (his first and legal wife, on his right)…
From State's Evidence 1C: Ruth Eliza "Ruthie" Jessop (daughter of Ruth Steed
Flora Jessop (left) embraces her sister Ruby as they listen to Arizona Attorney General
Rachel Jeffs and her first "husband" Richard Allred. She was the third "wife" of his eventual five. Rachel has since escaped with all five of her children ...
Warren and 14 year old Loretta Jane Barlow. Warren "married" Loretta (granddaughter
FLDS mother and daughter photography
FLDS: Warren Jeffs (head chopped off) and Rulon Jeffs (seated) with a collection of Warren's "wives". Left to right, (back row): Monica Jessop, ...
Comparing bumps in the FLDS: Pregnant thirty-something sister-wife Ora Bernice Steed (then Warren Jeffs' "wife"/former stepmother; here pregnant with ...
Merrianne Jessop
Sarah Draper (middle) with her children by first husband (elderly Daniel Barlow)
Betty Jessop (central, pale lemon dress), surrounded by some of her half
A Polygamist Cult's Last Stand: The Rise and Fall of Warren Jeffs | the last bit of this cracked me up
Fundamentalist Mormon group F.L.D.S., children play during a break from school, compound in Eldorado, Texas, USA, February 12,…
Arizona attorney general Tom Horne, left, and Ruby Jessop, rear centre, and
Rebecca Jeffs(daughter of Annette Barlow and Warren Jeffs) with her husband(and cousin), David Allred. David was later kicked out of the FLDS and Rebecca ...
Warren Jeffs and Jennifer Steed (fifteenth "wife"). Bedecked with loveheart Os, the trite sentiment reads "I love you with all my heart/I love you never to ...
Barbara Ann Barlow, Warren Jeffs' second "wife" & Annette Jeffs'
Pin by Kate Meadows on Religion - FLDS | Bride, Mormon religion, Religion
Rachel Jeffs with half-brother Isaac(grandson of Merril Jessop,via his daughter
Warren then his "wives"(L-R)Brenda Jessop,Gloria Barlow,Monica Sue Jessop,Annette Barlow(legal one!),Barbara Barlow,and Sharon Margaret Barlow.
San Angelo Standard-Times photo by Cynthia Esparza Willie Jessop, left, and other members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ...
Sisters Yvonne Jessop (age 16; pink) and Pearl Jessop (age 12; pale blue) (daughters of Merril Jessop and Cathleen Barlow Johnson [the "widow" of Leroy ...
"Keep sweet," is a FLDS expression meaning you should act like everything is just fine even if you are suffering intensely. Per report, family life is ...
Wives and Daughters of Warren Jeffs, Pregnant (early October 2006): Patricia Keate
Rose Merrilyn (Jessop Jeffs) Barlow. A daughter of Merril Jessop and Ruth.
FLDS: A joint wedding for father and son. Pictured Fred Jessop (then a
FLDS: Warren Steed Jeffs with his first five wives and some children. In the
Here we have Loretta Jane (Jessop) Barlow, and her son by Warren Jeffs. Here lies categorical proof (in case you had doubts) that Warren's "marriages" were ...
Rachel Jeffs and her first "husband" Richard Allred. Their "wedding" picture
betty jessop - Google Search
A family picture at Rachel Jeffs' wedding. L-R Lenora(daughter of 1st wife
Are we sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. On the left, we
Warren Jeffs children and grandchildren: Particia Keate Jeffs' son, Mahonri Rulon; Melanie Jeffs' son, Rulon; Lenora Jeffs' son, James Rulon; Velvet Jessop ...
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Warren Jeffs at YFZ, pictured with his 8 children by Barbara Barlow (who died at…
This says “Becky 17”, so I'd guess Rebekah Barlow Steed about one year after she married Warren Jeffs at age 16. Am I wrong again?
FLDS: Naomie Jessop Jeffs was present when Warren Jeffs was captured. As his favourite
Raymond Merril Jessop (son of Merril Jessop) talking to two of his sons in
14 year old Ruby was married illegally and in secret to her step-brother
Exhibits from the Sexual Assault of a Child Trial of LeRoy Jessop | Repentance | Prayer
LeAnn Wayman Jeffs, Leroy Jessop's childbride (and cousin on the Steed side - his
Secrets of Mormon Cult : Breaking Polygamy... and the WORLD thinks Muslims are fucked!?!? that means the world is full of idiots.
The only child of Carolyn Blackmore Jessop that returned to the FLDS
Rebecca Wall Musser (left), and Elissa Wall (right) with their little sisters (Sherrie and Ally). Both Rebecca and Elissa were …
A Polygamist Cult's Last Stand: The Fall of Warren Jeffs
FLDS kids. They are no longer allowed to attend public school due to a "
Elissa Wall (second from right) with Rebecca Musser and Jenny Wall (apologies:
Ruth Cooke
Raymond Jessop and one of his "brides" Teresa Jeffs,a daughter of the prophet Warren Jeffs and his first wife Annette. Under Raymond,it says "Sweet fifteen ...
Suzette Steed and her family.
Raymond Jeffs,son of Warren Jeffs and grandson of Merril Jessop,via his daughter
The daughters and granddaughters of Merril Jessop
Another picture of defacto FLDS leader Lyle Jeffs, this time in the middle of seven wives. Wearing identical dresses is supposed to demonstrate familial ...
FLDS: Franken-Prophet Rulon Jeffs, surrounded by six daughters of Merril Jessop…
Rachel Jeffs(in peach) and two of her sister wives.(taken shortly
Isaac Jeffs,son of Warren Jeffs and grandson of Merril Jessop.(via daughter