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Do you want to be a princess I am dying xD Hetalia
Do you want to be a princess? I am dying. xD
Hetalia- America and Finland. I thought I would never see the day lol smart drawing idea very smart*claps*
XD>> It's funny when people make Prussia so smooth in fanfics when he really is the king of derps | Hetalia | Pinterest | Hetalia, Prussia and Anime
China, I choose you! by ManamiMarisa-chan.deviantart.com on @deviantART
What if kumajiro was human? I love this too much XD
Hetalia Mean Girls Canada Italy Germany | Hetalia | Hetalia, Anime, Manga
You Are The Princess - Hetalia Meme by Talawolf2014 ...
The person who pinned this before me said, "China grab my scarf! Russia is ackin cray Hetalia." And I think that they need to go and check their spelling of ...
THIS NEEDS TO BE AN EPISODE < < <"And then the little bear never saw the light of day again! Good night Sealand!!" | Hetalia | Pinterest | Hetalia, Anime and ...
XD come on sweety I know you can❤
hetalia liechtenstein meme - Google Search Blue Exorcist, Otaku, Hetalia Funny, You Dont
Umm what are Mr. Austria and Hungary doing to Bosnia? xD
((Japan and England, Harry Potter Spoilers 2/2 Hetalia, Canon,
Well if I were in Switzerland if be breaking the fucking law Hetalia Manga, Hetalia
Spain and Romano. I want Spain to carry me too.... princess cradle style <3 Look at cute little manly-tomato Lovino. XD
aND THIS RIGHT HERE IS SoMeThing that made me die. | Hetalia Headcanon | Hetalia, Hetalia headcanons, Hetalia america
First creepypasta now hetalia! Dang it's like they want to take joy from this world
Hetalia - genderbent! Actually pretty excited for the episode c:
THEY'RE SO CUTE I AM GOING TO DIE // that's so not fair XD tickle war with America!? I feel like Al wins hands down XD | Hetalia! Ve~ | Pinterest | Hetalia ...
I wanted to screenshot this for my fellow hetalian pinners!!! This tumblr post says Hetalia is approved for season six so YAY!
I love the fact that someone decided to make Hetalia fanart in a how to draw manga book
XD Romano this is your new theme song! (I died reading this.
Hetalia characters dressed in the dresses their princesses wore.
Hetalia. Prussia and his 2p. Apparently, 2p Prussia is a mute in this. A popular theory, but I don't believe he would be.
XD hah why do you think exist.that's why no one in the hetalia universe speaks of the yep
XD Hetalia Japan, Hetalia Anime, Hetalia Funny
XD I just did this but I typed "BECOME ONE WITH MOTHER RUSSIA!o <---Clever bot was Russia and asked me to become one, I said da, and then clever bot started ...
Yep I am quiet then I am such a cutesy asian fan girl. I like
Sweden no calm down no one is mocking you okay I promise (it's funny bc I can read it all without even trying XD) < < < Saaaame
I am Switzerland
England kinda looks like a disney princess imo xD < <
Oh my gosh I'm choking Hetalia Funny, Me Me Me Anime, Anime
Norway, I appreciate the fact that you want Denmark to die, but he's a jerk. You should at least put the latter up for Iceland.
How the Cold War actually went XD < < < poor Ivan, I'm just freaking out about the fact that America won something that you need to use your brain for//ouch
Mother Ukraine's words of wisdom! hetalia funny
Hetalia Headcanons
Part one. Follow this brilliant pinner
i could see that actually, he seems like the one who would dye his hair < < I never for a single second thought he was a natural blonde. Hetalia Trash
*dies of laughter*>> My English teacher sounds like that when
~ROFL~ That must've been one hell of a nightmare for you to
Follow your dreams
If I were an Hetalia Princess... by hetafan123 ...
China and his family Hetalia Japan Hong Kong Taiwan Korea. I love the fact that I'm staring at Taiwan chasing Korea XD
Hahaha xD Laugh or die America xD
I wasin a really bad mood like actually there was lighting outside and i was really gloomy and my family knew it andthen I see this and I start DYING with ...
Sealand XD If you get this reference, I love you (and not just the
gosh diddly>>>what is this I'm seeing it everywhere? < < >>ne ne papa you can never escape
"LORD DOITSU" xD < < < No joke, I eat pasta at least 3 times a week so this makes me want to stab someone.
Bad Ass Hungary - Hetalia Funny - Hungary…if I was a dude with a dick too…my dick would probably be scared of you too! XD You're just too freaking BADASS!
Read Turbulence from the story The True Stoic (Hetalia Norway x reader) by CallMeOslo (My friends drift away, so does m.
Lol I don't have that xD I wish I did XD Hetalia Australia,
Iggy's hot Dennor, Spamano, Usuk, Fruk Hetalia, Hetalia France
hetalia cuba x canada fanfiction | APH-Ask Cuba 02- by vtophya
DYING. Julia Olexa · Hetalia!XD
Princess Levi. GOOOOOO Levi. Im dying of laughter I want
Omg....this is too much....but gives me
Denmark declaring war on Sweden. Hetalia Tumblr Posts. | It's all about Hetalia. | Pinterest | Hetalia, Anime and Dennor
Okay Hetalians, this is the best fucking Hetalia fanfic ever created. Please read The
IT'S THAT MUCH CLOSER TO CANNON! GERITA ALL THE WAY! < < < Shh calm down though it is a little adorable. < < < shhh I'm too busy screaming to be quite. XD
Day 12: Character With My Favorite Voice, I honestly can't choose who's
I think I found this way funnier than I should have XD Hetalia Funny, Usuk
XD Oh My Grimm I am a goner XD #CauseOfDeath:Laughter -Why did
Prussia xD>> Yeah, you're too awesome for history Prussia!
Canada, we have the same problem. (the life of a Canadian. forgotten
"Come on, Alfred, you know you want to." I am holding
Hetalia characters and their flags
hetalia funny | Tumblr
Day Karaoke I would want Italy to sing karaoke with me. For reasons unknown. Julia Olexa · Hetalia!XD
Hetalia- Prussia in a horror movie. XD SO AWESOME! Prussia darling you need to shut up please, he is going to mirder you and I have already dealt aith ...
Germany and Prussia Germany And Prussia, Hetalia Germany, Prussia Hetalia, Hetalia Anime,
You know why I love Italy so much, because I am just like him.
aph, funny, hetalia, wth, aph hetalia xD Hermetisering, Fandoms Unite,
Geography will never be the same ever again for me XD
Hetalia 30 day challenge day 20 character you would want as a butler/ maid: since I don't need either of those I just want chibitalia because he's so cute!
I'd like to know why you think he shouldn't be? It's
The amount of no in that boys face xD - Hetalia Iceland and France<<
XD Hetalia England>>> nnnnot quite as cute when you realise he's being lowered into scalding hot water
its only funny because its true xD
Hetalia + Spongebob Squarepants = XD! Hetalia Philippines, Axis Powers
Oh no < < they can only die if their country dies but they do not wish that upon their people
猫饅頭 - Hetalia - America / England
Omg I swear hetalia is the funniest anime ever
ONLY Can I just buy them all? Every Iggyrito in existence can just be mine. I want a Iggyrito xD (not to eat, jeesh)
Hetalia ~ I feel for ya Poland, that is totally, like, an offensive pony!
Hetalia- America and Finland. I thought I would never see the day lol smart
Hetalia has Taken Over (4/4) WHY DOES DENMARK WANT TO BURN!
China Hetalia Birthstones! It's funny because I'm Chinese and my birthstone is Garnet
Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Asian countries (Top to Bottom) - Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China. Poor China doesn't know one of his kids id dying up ...
Two Sides of the Same Coin Photo: Holy Roman Empire/Germany from Axis Powers Hetalia. This Photo was uploaded by hoS_Hetalia
I'm ded. (Not my art) That's just...ahhhh!!! >//// < China why you do this to me?!
Iceland X Princess!Reader) Puffin Prince by KHMewKairi on DeviantArt
Hetalia characters x youIf they can bring you to any places, where do you wanna go? :)Why America made you sit in the back seat?
Hetalia x Reader
The lengths he had to go to XD APH - Change by ~SonneDark on deviantART
The person who pinned this before me said,"I'm dying!"
aph: strength