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Edward Musgrave Blaiklock 19031983 OBE 1974 Professor
Edward Musgrave Blaiklock (1903–1983) OBE 1974. Schoolteacher, university professor, classicist, writer. Pen-name Grammaticus of the NZ Herald.
Edward Musgrave Blaiklock (1903–1983) OBE 1974. Professor of classics and writer. Pen-name Grammaticus of the… | Some Great New Zealanders I have known ...
Edward Musgrave Blaiklock
Chairperson of the County of Waitemata 1972 - 1974. Mayor of the
John White (Queensland politician)
Daniel Marcus Davin CBE of the Clarendon Press, who befriended me when I was a student at Oxford.
Maori, Performing Arts, Professor, Walkway, Auckland, Led, Urban, Education
Te Rangiataahua Kiniwe Royal, known as Rangi Royal, 1956
Cgi, Auckland, Park, Parks
William Swanson Read Bloomfield - grandson of William Swanson Aviation
Louise Henderson with the wool mural she designed for the Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong,
By Lesley Dingle and Daniel Bates
Paora Kingi Delamere
Arts Out Loud Series: Writers Read Series (2013): 1 Kiwiana, Out
Dr William Stockwell (1832-1889) emigrated to NZ in 1876. He was
Ken Blaiklock
Blakeley, Philip William
Blomfield, William
Blackie, Jeannetta Margaret
Bloodworth, Rhoda Alice
A Tucker Sno-Cat used in the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Kenneth Victor Blaiklock OBE ...
Queens Birthday Honours for West Aucklanders 2013. Ross Dallow MNZM, Roger Laloli QSM,
Caught Inside (film)
Blumhardt, Vera Doreen
Blake, Geoffrey
Blake, John Thomas
Bourgeois Fjord
Story: Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave · Blair, John Rutherfurd
Blake, Peter James
Trafalgar Square Publishing Spring 2010 General Trade catalog | Entrepreneurship | Vogue (Magazine)
Tanfield School
Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave p.46. 1903-1983. He was born in
Roberts-Thomson, Edward 1909-1987. After Baptist pastorates in Australia he became
Reay, George Clifford (Cliff) 1906-1968.
Mangin, Fay N.Z.B.M.S. Missionary, India, 1965-1974.
Bradfield, Mary A. c.1892-1988. She served as an N.Z.B.M.S.
Peters, Rev. Harold - bn 1869? d. Dunedin 7 March 1902.
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