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Harold Lloyd recovering from his accident where he lost
Harold Lloyd recovering from his accident where he lost his right thumb and index finger, and temporarily lost his sight, after a prop bomb exploded in his ...
Harold Lloyd - A Pictorial History of the Silent Screen.jpg
90 Years Later, 'Safety' Still The Last Word With Harold Lloyd
Harold Lloyd knew how comedy works.
... Harold Lloyd wore a special prosthetic glove on his right hand that was actually pretty effective at concealing his injury, as long as it wasn't shown ...
Notice that in this 1919 photo Harold's right hand is still normal. A few weeks
Girl Shy
The 1922 film "Dr. Jack" starring Harold Lloyd will be shown Tuesday,
CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD: Famous scene from famous early movie. Harold Lloyd in Safety Last
Personal life[edit]. Main article: Harold Lloyd Estate
Jobyna Ralston and Harold Lloyd in THE FRESHMAN
Harold Lloyd (I) (1893–1971)
Barbara Kent and Harold Lloyd in Feet First, 1930
Safety Last!
Lloyd in 1946, when he was appointed to the Shriners' publicity committee
Harold Lloyd filmography
Harold Lloyd with Hal Roach
Rare Harold Lloyd photo in which his maimed right hand is clearly visible. In 1919
1917 advertisement featuring Lloyd as "Lonesome Luke", with Snub Pollard and Bebe Daniels
Charlie Chaplin made audiences laugh, but he also made us feel. His films often balanced delicately, as poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti observes, on “a fine line ...
Harold Lloyd and Harold Lloyd, Jr. - goldensilents.com
A Sailor-Made Man
Harold Lloyd in the Milky Way.jpg
One Sunday afternoon ...
Harold Lloyd often seems to get the bronze medal in the great "who was the greatest silent comedian" debate, with Chaplin and Keaton duking it out for the ...
The greatest comedian of the silent era, Harold Lloyd was also a passionate 3-D photographer, and few Hollywood stars of the Fifties escaped his double ...
Harold Lloyd
How Nebraska-native Harold Lloyd invented the modern action movie | Movies | omaha.com
The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection Vol. 2
1921 ...
Harold Lloyd had already featured in some sixty-five short comedies from 1915, playing characters called Willie Work and Lonesome Luke. Even after ...
How Nebraska-native Harold Lloyd invented the modern action movie | Movies | omaha.com
Many of the early offerings seem like they would have been just as good in Lonesome Luke mode. In Are Crooks Dishonest? (1918) Harold and Snub are ...
Virginia Daniels was born into a ...
Harold Lloyd Recovering From the Explosion
The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection Vol. 3
The Harold Lloyd Collection, Vol. 1 (Slapstick Symposium)
The Harold Lloyd Collection, Vol. 2 (Slapstick Symposium)
Lloyd's "Glass Character" in A Sailor-Made Man (1921), his first feature.
Did you know about Harold Lloyd's accident? his disability? He kept them out of
THE RAJAH (1919) - Harold Lloyd
Comedy producer Hal Roach and his star comedian of the silent era Harold Lloyd. Even after going separate ways professionally in Roach and Lloyd remained ...
Harold Lloyd - This was on BBC 2 after the kids programmes on BBC 1 finished, I always remember the clock bit! And the theme tune .Hooray for Harold Lloyd!
The silent-era film stars who risked life and limb doing their own film stunts | Film | The Guardian
Doctor Jack
What's My Line with Harold Lloyd
1919, I'm ...
Oddly enough, it was Harold Lloyd who got Bruckman another chance in 1949. According to Lloyd's agent Ben Pearson (by way of Keaton biographer Tom Dardis,) ...
Welcome Danger Poster. Harold Bledsoe, a ...
Harold Lloyd was one-third of the American silent-movie era's famed Comedy Triumvirate, the other two-thirds were Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.
Harold Lloyd, The Third Genius (Kevin Brownlow, David Gill, 1990)
Lloyd began his career in movies in 1913. Six years later, Lloyd lost his right thumb and index finger during a photo shoot with a prop bomb that contained ...
Amazon.com: The Harold Lloyd Collection, Vol. 1 (Slapstick Symposium): Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Bebe Daniels, Anna Townsend, Charles Stevenson, ...
Nowhere was this “Damn the torpedoes!” quality more in evidence than in the type of picture that became most associated with Lloyd, the so-called thrill ...
Never Weaken
Promotional photo with Harold Lloyd and a cardboard cutout of Mildred Davis
Harold Lloyd at the NBC microphone It's ...
Davis and Lloyd in I Do (1921)
Conway Twitty
Harold Lloyd The Freshman 1925
Bebe Daniels and Harold Lloyd in a promotional photograph for the Lonesome Luke series, ca. 1916
Harold Lloyd 15
FROM THE FAMILY. Obituary of Harold Lloyd Jarvis
Harold Lloyd in "Safety ...
Girl Shy Poster
Enjoy Harold Lloyd Silent Classic With Live Music Monday Night In Balboa Park. '
Poster from Harold Lloyd's Grandmas Boy (1922).
Harold Lloyd, circa 1950
... he is so much more: an innovator, a daredevil and a hard-working everyman whose contributions were immense, but who remains overshadowed by the other ...
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The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection Vols. 1-3
How Nebraska-native Harold Lloyd invented the modern action movie | Movies | omaha.com
Safety Last! Poster
Harold Lloyd 63
Harold Lloyd's "Safety Last" (1923) HD Famous Scene Escena Reloj
Harold After His Accident. His Right Hand Looks Odd
Witzel Photographers – Harold Lloyd dot US
How Nebraska-native Harold Lloyd invented the modern action movie | Movies | omaha.com
Stuntman Harvey Parry also appeared in the climactic sequence, a fact he revealed only after Harold Lloyd's death. He discussed at length how the stunts ...
The 1926 swashbuckler "The Black Pirate" starring Douglas Fairbanks will be shown ...
The Freshman Harold 'Speedy' Lamb
Harold Lloyd movie ads from The World-Herald and elsewhere