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Kyanite ppl thin section Mineralogy
Kyanite in XPL Mineralogy, Geology, Fossils, Earth Science
kyanite in thin section FKM-214 PPL
Kyanite in a muscovite–biotite schist. The four kyanite crystals are colorless, have high relief, and two have a strong cleavage parallel to their length.
kyanite in thin section FKM-214 PPL polarizer rotation
Optical Mineralogy Kyanite muscovite
Metamorphic minerals in thin section
25 Kyanite zone thin section A second example of a kyanite zone schist with staurolite and garnet. Many of the garnets have hollow cores replaced by ...
kyanite in thin section FKM-75 PPL
Kyanite - ppl thin section Mineralogy, Too Thin
26 Sillimanite zone thin section A short distance up-grade from the previous specimens in Glen Clova, the assemblage now has foliation-parallel sheaves of ...
24 Kyanite zone thin section Garnet-kyanite schist, Glen Clova. Field of view 1.5 cm.
There's a party in my thin section and you're invited! Kyanite, muscovite, rutile.
Photomicrograph of andalusite in thin section in crossed polarized light. Click on the image for a larger rollover version with both ppl and xpl.
image kyanite-145C9279B0769CDAB5D-thumb for term side of card
Sillimanite is colorless, and has relief much higher than muscovite. In medium-grade rocks sillimanite is typically of this fibrous variety.
Kyanite, PPL Kyanite ...
Kyanite, PPL Kyanite, XPL
Thin section, crossed polars: Prismatic sillimanite (bright colors) in andalusite (gray/pale yellow), Hamadan, Iran. Field of view ~ 3 mm.
kyanite in thin section FKM-75 PPL polarizer rotation
Topaz - ppl thin section Mineralogy, Too Thin, Topaz
Thin section, plane light: Prismatic sillimanite cross-cutting intergrown andalusite (pinkish, mostly near top of photo) and sillimanite, Hamadan, Iran.
Kyanite - crossed Nicole thin section Mineralogy, Too Thin, Too Skinny
Kyanite in PPL, with some brown biotite grains
17 Staurolite zone schist thin section From the classic Barrovian sequence in Glen Clova. The rock has tight microfolds and the dominant fabric is S2, ...
Hypersthene under Ppl Mineralogy
Staurolite in a muscovite-biotite schist. The birefringence of staurolite is similar to that of kyanite, upper order. Amber Johnson · thin sections
Geology Nerd
... Crystal of kyanite surrounded by muscovite crystals (30 µm thin section, PPL) |
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Chloritoid in a muscovite–chlorite phyllite. The pale blue to yellow pleochroism of the chloritoid, and its high relief, contrasts sharply with lower relief ...
Kyanite in PPL
Garnet in a peraluminous granite. The high refractive index of garnet cause fractures and the grain margin to stand out as dark lines because of total ...
... BH250-20 ...
kyanite in thin section FKM-163 PPL polarizer rotation
Garnet mica schist in thin section
kyanite in thin section FKM-163 PPL
Mica (var. muscovite) in PPL, with some biotite (brown), garnet (large, fractured, high-relief tan), and kyanite (small high relief tan)
chlorite replasing biotite, shows metamorphism Gems And Minerals, Too Thin, Photographs, Rocks
Ctd xp.jpg7 MB. Mineralogy
Dunite rock, olivine mineral - thin section
Igneous minerals in thin section
Ky (Ctd)7.jpg7.16 MB
Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section: A Colour Atlas
kyanite in thin section FKM-163 XP
High relief minerals like calcite have pronounced cleavage lines and grain boundaries in PPL
Kyanite in XPL. Note the muscovite pressure shadows. Geology, Too Thin, Minerals
The cordierite is colorless in this thin section, with many visible inclusions. (Click to enlarge)
Granite thin section PPL Major Minerals Biotite mica Muscovite mica Quartz Orthoclase Feldspar
Andalusite, PPL Andalusite ...
kyanite in thin section FKM-214 XP
Staurolite - ppl thin section
Photomicrograph of kyanite next to a garnet crystal and surrounded by muscovite in plane polarized light. Kyanite typically displays pale green pleochroism ...
Kyanite - crossed Nicole thin section
Thin section featuring olivine crystals
Fluorite (PPL): dark green Crystals And Gemstones, Geology, Too Thin,
Hornblende Thin Section | Geology | Pinterest | Too thin, Geology and Mineralogy
Beryl, PPL Beryl ...
CPX in PPL, showing off 90-degree cleavage and high relief Delgado, Geology
15 Stonehaven staurolite schist thin section DWS-245. Stonehaven coast section upgrade from the chloritoid schist. Similar microstructure, but the ...
Secondary minerals
Topaz - crossed Nicole thin section Mineralogy, Too Thin, Topaz
Gabbro thin section Mineralogy, Microscopic Images, Geology, Minerals And Gemstones, Fabric Textures
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