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Oml why is pearl so cute Steven Universe
Oml why is pearl so cute?
This was adorable. Pearl's freaking face gets me every time. Especially the finger. Her finger is so pure.
Pearl has a shot gun and a mini canon in her gem OML 😂😂
It's so cute and love her bratty personality!!! Her debut was smartly introduced so I decided to draw her myself ^_^
this makes me think of the Bargain in The Cuckoo Song Steven Universe Gem, Steven
Pearl finding Amethyst in the kindergarden. Very cute!
Aww... white pearl, that's so sweet!
I really like this photo beacuse of how cute it is, the main typers of pink in the photo and toddler Steven is so cute.
Pearl is breaking the rubies apart, Garnet is giving victory signs, and Amethyst is Amethysting
I love how in the last panel garnet is making the face that she always makes when meeting another fusion
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Pearl is taller than the rest of the gems...garnet infuses she is small, amethyst is small, Steven is small, and peridot with out her limb enha…
its not for that but its still okay | Steven Universe | Steven universe, Universe, Steven universe comic
my incredibly cute and smart baby, love love love you so much
stevenuniverse, pearl, steven😭😭😭😌. This scene was to freaking adorable!
Adriana Figueroa, Pearl Steven Universe, Pearl
It's so cute how compatible their pearls are And then there's White Pearl Save her Universe
... Oml that's everything • • • • • • • • • • • #stevenuniverse
Pearl and Peridot clothes swap. This is so cute, my two favourite gems together…
I improved a new Pearl edit because last one was a bit too poorly made
Steven and Pearl
this is so cute!!
I keep constantly pausing the promo at this exact moment just to see this precious bird.
i drew pearl from steven universe ;)
#stevenuniverse, #rosequartz, #pearl
OML this is so funny😂
Pin by Gracie Clarke on Steven universe | Pinterest | Steven universe, Pearl steven universe and Universe
Steven Universe,фэндомы,Pearl (SU),SU Персонажи,Opal (SU
Chloe P, messing around with painty sorta stuff again :\... | Color study in 2018 | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Universe art
Pin by Stephanie Fleetwood on Diamond&Pearl | Steven universe, Pearl steven universe, Universe
Eyes on the road blue pearl
She's fucking adorable when she does
#pearl #rainbowqiartz #stevenuniverse
Pin by Rachel Allen on Animated Miracles | Pinterest | Steven universe, Pink diamond steven universe and Universe
I'm finally back, the stress from school has calmed down and the year
Funny Steven Universe Pics and Stuff
... to another pearl and they fused together. luckily the red druzy quartz they were made for is a nice gem and didnt mind having an off colored pearl.
~Rainbow Quartz from Steven Universe~ Which Steven Universe character should I draw next?
Please read warning below.
Starting to like pearl as a character more, after putting her off for a long time. I decided to doodle her in a hoodie for a last minute #Fanartfriday ...
Raffle is stIll coming oml i am procrastinating...BUT HERE'S A BLUE PEARL i drew for you all!!! And it (was)my bday! So im busy for a bit! Thank you!
look @ this babie oml she's so cute - - - - { #su
Steven Universe AMV | Kiss With A Fist | Amethyst and Pearl (Request)
Blue Pearls | Steven Universe Amino
Fuschia walked out of her hole before tripping. She lifted herself up and cleaned the dust off her clothes. A Tourmaline started walking to her, ...
It was really fun drawing pink pearl ...
FanartHow i'm imagining Rainbow quartz with Pink Diamond and old Pearl~ ...
Note: I'm going to start including the original post on other social platforms (DeviantArt, instagram) so I can promote them since I'm literally really ...
∽My Art Book∽
Drew my OCs as the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe. Sabrina is Peridot, Cocoa
So Far 【 Steven Universe Comic Dub 】
Can we just admire how cute this picture of Ruby is?
Oml✨#stevenuniverse #su #art #pinkdiamond #pearl #garnet #amethyst
I drew Bismuth telling Steven, "Dying is easy kid, Living is harder." The quote us from the musical, Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Just wanted to try and do something a bit more complex, ended up biting of more than I could chew and it turned out meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least failure prompts ...
SU| Baby Pearl (AU) by SinTzirkon ...
Good morning to Yellow Pearl and Yellow Pearl only — No but like the new episode
... -rose squartz- From steven universe She's so gorgeous oml! And i got the
oML | Steven Universe Amino
Quick chibi fanart of Blue Diamond's Pearl from Steven Universe :3
Revolutionary Girl Utena x Steven Universe crossover 🌷🌹🌷 didn't use my usual
"Everything should grow, and everything should change, and isn't it so great how it comes so naturally to humans?"
The Pearls Idea: episode 9 & episode 16 Amethyst-Pearl/ Pearl/ Holographic
Mr. Greg song from the Steven Universe episode Mr. Greg.
AMAZING SONG ♡. And what is an SU episode without any feelings. This wedding was so cute yet my heart melted like heck! *THAT KISS MAN THE KISS!*
Process of coloring Garnet and her without lines, she looks so nice :3. Oml Pearl ...
garnets like "this is the worst honeymoon ever" btw im done all my su
pearl from steven universe I have commissions, if interested, here is the link!
I LOVE STEVEN UNIVERSE SO MUCH! This is my second attempt at drawing yellow pearl cuz I didn't like my first one! Anyways I LOVE ALL THE NEW GEMS THEY ARE ...
pretty in pink by KryingKraken ...
~Garnet from Steven Universe~
(🎨 credit to @taiyaricon ) #stevenuniverse #su #cartoon #anime
Chibi of Connie, from Steven Universe. She's too precious, and must be protected
She was a master with the swords. In the answer we see her easily take down what appears to be a couple of quartz soldiers with ease.
I wanted to do something with Steven universe for the contest so I decided to make
Her hair does look like a hammer oml - - - [ Credit : @keanu__art
Steven Universe One-shots (mostly reader inserts)
~Peridot from Steven Universe~
OML😍 . Tags; #Garnetsu #garnet #ruby #sapphire #rubbaphire #
The Black Pearl is finished and ready to sail - made a Pearl for a Blck
Good morning to Yellow Pearl and Yellow Pearl only — No but like the new episode
So this is my Steven Universe Gemsona that I drew. Its a Gemsona of me, ...
More pink pearls for those who can't get enough
Madoka Magica/Steven Universe is best human AU for Steven Universe. I really like
make your own bird mom day (ʖ ͜° ͜ ͡° ͡° ʖ
Pearl gets a new outfit and steven dresses like a robot. It looks like we are well on our way to having great episodes!