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PCG First grandfather to fly a jet PCGARRATT
PCG First grandfather to fly a jet Stol Aircraft, Fighter Pilot, Canada, Jet
PCG talks with Russ Bannock...pilot for Beaver #1 Stol Aircraft,
Humble beginnings for De Havilland Canada
Beaver #1
Wonderful photo showing the great versatility of the De Havilland Chipmunk.
CF-PCG in flight over Toronto.
First manufactured in 1947..... large numbers are still flying to this day | P.C.GARRATT ----- DeHavilland Aircraft Canada | Pinterest | Aircraft, ...
Facinating photograph of P.C. Garratt in 1916. How a soldier going into battle can have
With fellow officers.
Young Phil Garratt on his horse
PCGs cottage in Muskoka DH Hornet Moth c-1930
1936 - P.C. Garratt with W.M.Archibald of Consolidated Mining taking delivery of the first Dragonfly
Forever jovial Philip Clarke Garratt.
Officer Philip Clarke Garratt
P.C.GARRATT AVIATION PIONEER CANADA A fighter pilot in WW I he went on to head De Havilland Aircraft Canada.
A wounded P.C.Garratt with cane. Stol Aircraft, Canada
P.C. Garratt named to the esteemed brotherhood of Silver Wings of the Northwest Territories. Silver
Page #1 of 4 - A pilot in WW I, Philip Clarke Garratt wrote
Ger Buskermolen
Ww2 Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Military Weapons, Fixed Wing Aircraft, Old Planes,
Flying Boat, Civil Aviation, Float Plane, Otter, Taxi, Landing, Aircraft
Phil Garratt makes history as the first grandfather to pilot a jet aircraft. (De
de Havilland DHC-2 MK III Amphibian Turbo Beaver s/n 1672-TB
Harrison Ford... who owns a fleet of aircraft....poses with his often stated "favorite of all" De Havilland Beaver.
Coming in for landing! #bushplane #plane #Australia Bush Pilot, Bush Plane
Ger Buskermolen
Twin Otter Spotter
Put into service still in Surinam Airways colours, this Twin Otter would get several other color schemes over the next 30 years flying BC's coast.
Twin Otter Spotter : April 2013
P.C. Garratt with US military big-wigs. Perruques, Militaire Américain, Canada,
Twin Otter Spotter : April 2013
Chess became a passion for P.C. Garratt. Échecs, Tellement Vrai, Canada, Aéronef
P.C. Garratt in Muskoka with his 2 babies.... "Cookie" the
P.C. Garratt retires. He was presented a Sterling Silver Tray engraved with the names of
Wardairs first 747 named the "Phil Garratt"
A beautifully worded letter to Mrs. P.C. Garratt upon his death. Canada, Mots
Pistonheads Stunts, 1920s, Air And Space Museum, Air Space, History Online,
PCGs First flight was in a Maurice Farman "Longhorn" Looks like a few twigs and some canvas.
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Newspaper article upon Phils death in 1974
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