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She Was Pretty Episode 6 She was pretty OST
Hye-jin runs through the airport looking for Ha-ri, collapsing in tears when her best friend is nowhere to be found. She collects herself and sits staring ...
[She was pretty] 그녀는 예뻤다 ep.6 - Park Seo-jun's giving project! 20151001 - YouTube
[She was pretty] 그녀는 예뻤다 ep.9 Hwang Jeong-eum changed all 20151015
She Was Pretty: Episode 2
She Was Pretty (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. 4 - Single Soyou
She Was Pretty: Episode 6
She Was Pretty: Episode 16 (Final). by LollyPip
FULL OST She Was Pretty — 그녀는 예뻤다 Part. 1 - 6
She Was Pretty: Episode 9
She Was Pretty: Episode 1
She Was Pretty (Original Television Soundtrack) Novecento
[Engsub] You Don't Know Me (모르나봐) (She Was Pretty OST. Part4) - YouTube
She Was Pretty: Episode 14
She Was Pretty (Original Television Soundtrack) by Various Artists on Apple Music
She Was Pretty Episode 1
Kim Min Seung (김민승) - Thumping (쿵쿵쿵) FMV (She Was Pretty OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul] - YouTube
This scene in the car park, when, as things fall apart around him, Sung Joon wells up with tears, and takes a moment, before sinking into Hye Jin's arms, ...
She Was Pretty ...
Seo Joon's Sweet Confession to Jung Eum Folding the Sleeves of Her Sweat Shirts: She
Hye-jin accidentally takes Ah-reum's broken-down car to her interview, which breaks down on her. It begins to rain and she looks for a sign of where she is ...
She Was Pretty
[She was pretty] 그녀는 예뻤다 ep.12 Hwang Jeong-eum kissed Park Seo-jun 20151028
[She was pretty] 그녀는 예뻤다 ep.10 - Uncomfortable Hwang Jeong-eum 20151021
She Was Pretty ...
[She was pretty] 그녀는 예뻤다 ep.11 Park Seo-jun confirmed Ko Joon-hee's identity 20151022
Unforgettable Lines from “She Was Pretty”
She Was Pretty: Episode 7
She Was Pretty EP 5
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She Was Pretty ...
Cast - She Was Pretty
Trailer 3: She Was Pretty
Jung Eum's Amazing Makeover!: She Was Pretty
She Was Pretty OST Part 2[edit]
I hafta say, in spite of Show's misstep in making Early Sung Joon overly mean, and even though I feel like Sung Joon's character could've benefited from a ...
Although I enjoyed Show right from the beginning, there were definitely a couple of things that I needed to adjust my viewing lens for.
She Was Pretty OST Part 3[edit]
She Was Pretty OST – 쿵쿵쿵
Sure, it's completely unrealistic that Sung Joon would pull someone into the bed with him without knowing who it was, but I did very much appreciate the ...
It's like he's allowing all of the things that he can't say to her, to seep slowly into her as he holds her.
I Feel Pretty Soundtrack
Choi Siwon
“When two strangers get to know each other, an intersection of emotions forms between them. And when they least expect it, it becomes invisible to the two ...
The way Hye Jin cries and clings to Ha Ri totally made me tear up. Even when Ha Ri says she isn't going away, Hye Jin continues to cling to her, ...
park seo joon - hwang jung eum
Go Jun Hee
Cast - She Was Pretty
The way Sung Joon pulls her in once he realizes what she's saying, and the way he leans in to kiss her – it's so focused, intent, and very tender.
hwang seok jeong
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Another minor arc that caught my fancy is the romance between Seol (Shin Hye Sun) and Joon Woo (Park Yoo Hwan). I thought they were very cute together, ...
Afterwards, upon Hye Jin accepting the assignment, I love that little hair-pulling signal moment they share, through the glass walls of his office.
While Shin Hyuk's one-sided love for Hye Jin tugged at my heartstrings, I hafta say that I never wanted their connection to actually turn romantic.
I simply love how they love each other. I love how they both dearly want to see the other person fulfilled, successful and happy. Ultimately, after all is ...
I love-love-love these two besties together. Particularly in a drama landscape where we don't tend to see many strong female friendships, the lifelong, ...
The song was first introduced on episode 15 of She Was Pretty, which aired on November 5, and the lyrics convey Park Seo Joon′s character, Ji Sung Jun′s ...
Park Seo-joon
Im Ji Hyun
Trailer 2: She Was Pretty
Siwon Going Shirtless: She Was Pretty
[She was pretty] 그녀는 예뻤다 ep.16 Their Happy Ending 20151111
I Feel Pretty Poster. Trailer
Choi Si-won
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